De Gama - Funktastic EP [SMS004] - Release Date: April 20th

De Gama - Funktastic EP [SMS004] - Release Date: April 20th - SAMOSA    RECORDS

Following fine scalpel-focused outings from LTJ and Les Inferno, many of many aliases Stefano De Gama returns to Samosa with a trio of subtly tooled-up disco edits. A-side "Son of Slave" sees him join together bits of soulful disco-era classics "Slide" and "Son of Slide" to form a tasty new whole. While heavily compressed and noticeably chunkier than either of the original tracks, De Gama's version is loose enough to please those who think edits should merely be DJ-friendly re-arrangements. Turn to the flipside for the lolloping, low-slung Afro-funk goodness of "1972" and the throbbing peak-time disco celebration of filter-sporting closer "Star-Buk". This too boasts booming drums and bass, but also enough musical looseness to avoid the usual disco-house pitfalls. (

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LTJ Edits - Bringing Me Over [SMS003]

LTJ Edits - Bringing Me Over [SMS003] - SAMOSA    RECORDS

Fresh from brilliant releases by De Gama and Les Inferno, Samosa Records is back, this time with LTJ Edits taking over with the sounds. The label’s latest release sees Trevisi - a veteran Italian producer - summon up the quite exceptional sounds of ‘Bringing Me Over’. Such is the stature of the release that this vinyl-affair features just the one track - but what a track it is!

A gloriously warm disco-tinged gem, ‘Bringing Me Over’ bares all the hallmarks of a Samosa record. Alongside some clever samples and an alluring male vocal, its gorgeous percussion and sweaty hues mark it out as a track that already has us yearning for summer. Similar in sound and aesthetic to some of Disco Deviance and Razor n’ Tape’s back catalogue, this is a classy anthem that’s sure to prove a hit with discerning tastemakers over the next while. Another absolute winner from the Samosa crew, it’s proof once again that the Italian label is fast becoming one of the best and most consistent modern-day disco labels.

If 2017 was the year that Samosa first burst on to the scene, 2018 looks set to be the year where they solidify their reputation amongst the house and disco elite. (


Played by Superbreak, Chris Rhythm / SUPER MOTION, Ltj Xperience, Osmose, Andrea Passenger, FUNKYJAWS.

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Les Inferno - Everything I Do / What Do You Think [SMS002]

Les Inferno - Everything I Do / What Do You Think [SMS002] - SAMOSA    RECORDS

Italy's Samosa Records comes through with its second EP to date, another masterful stroke of house glory for the more suave-headed DJs out there. The new four-tracker comes from debutant Les Inferno, who drops the supremely soulful "Everything I Do" as the A-side leader, a Moodymann-reminiscent track with a sweet sample loop and an elegant beat swing, further perfected on the 'Breakdown' mix. Over on side B, "What Do You Think" unleashes the strings to offer a much more disco-led narrative, while its own dub version churns out some stupendous levels of bass for the dancefloor. (

Played by: Danny Moodymanc, LTJ Xperience, AlexUnder Base.

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De Gama - Yebo / Mantekilla [SMS001]

De Gama - Yebo / Mantekilla [SMS001] - SAMOSA    RECORDS

DeGama has previously proven to be a master of dancefloor-focused musical fusion, delivering a string of singles that gleefully mine a variety of rhythmic styles from around the World for inspiration (most notably the polyrhythms of Africa and South America). He's at it again here, with flipside "Mantekilla" brilliantly joining the dots between dusty, horn-heavy Afrobeat and rolling deep house. While impressive, it's A-side "Yebo" - a heavy chunk of house-tempo dancefloor dub with clear Afrobeat influences - that's really floating our boat. Either way, it's another predictably strong 12" from the experienced producer. (

Played by: Mike Shawe ✮ Hot Buttered Soul, Superbreak, JKriv (Razor-N-Tape), LTJ Xperience, Red Greg...


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